Trophy NJ Ryan

NJ Ryan Trophy

The MCKK Rugby 7’s trophy is one of a kind. It embodies the spirit of the game that is filled with speed and competitiveness. This gentlemen’s game has always been inaccurately portrayed as rough when it is actually a spirited, tactical, powerful, smart and even a graceful game.

The design for this trophy is simple yet powerful. The elements portray the speed of a fast turning rugby ball. It is a dynamic representation of the game. The hollow body signifies the spirit of the game, which cannot be seen but could easily be felt and understood. The gleaming silver/pewter polish of the spiraling stripe depicts the force of the wind with its high velocity cutting through the air and at the same time giving the rugby spirit a well-defined shape – the rugby ball. The thin and deceivingly fragile vertical support enhances the image of a fast-moving and flying ball. All these elements are contrasted by the heavy wooden base which is both traditional and formal. This base signifies the long heritage and culture of the game.

This MCKK Rugby 7’s trophy is iconic, daring and eye-catching. It symbolizes the dynamics and Integrity of the game. It celebrates the intensity and individuality of the tournament. It elevates the game, glorifies the tournament and honors the champion.